2 BYU Students Start National Dunk Ball League

The Beginnings

What began as a passion project between two friends quickly turned into a nationwide phenomenon. Ty Bush and Danny Magallanes, students at Brigham Young University, started the DB Jam League over a year ago, inspired by their desire to make basketball more inclusive and exciting. Lowering the rims to 8.5 feet, they introduced a dynamic twist to the game, opening up opportunities for high-flying dunks and creative plays.

Group of Dunk Ball Basketball Players

The Tour

Now, the DB Jam League is embarking on a nationwide tour, bringing the thrill of Dunk Ball directly to fans across the country. Converting a school bus into a mobile Dunk Ball arena, complete with custom designs and equipment, they are set to visit towns and cities nationwide, turning parking lots and parks into courts of excitement.

Attendees of the tour stops can expect high-energy games featuring local talent, opportunities to meet the players, and even the chance to try Dunk Ball for themselves. The atmosphere promises to be electrifying, as Dunk Ball takes center stage in communities from coast to coast.

How You Can Help

But they can’t do it alone. As the DB Jam League continues to expand its reach, they are seeking support from sponsors, volunteers, and fans alike. Whether it’s contributing to the bus renovation, providing mechanical assistance, or simply cheering from the stands, there are numerous ways to get involved and support this growing movement.


The DB Jam League is actively seeking sponsorships to help fund the tour and cover expenses related to equipment, travel, and venue costs. By becoming a sponsor, businesses and organizations can gain exposure to a wide audience while supporting a unique and inclusive sports initiative.


From bus renovation to event setup, volunteers play a crucial role in making the DB Jam League tour a success. Whether you’re handy with tools or eager to lend a helping hand, there are opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved and contribute to the Dunk Ball experience.

Fan Support

At the heart of the DB Jam League are its fans, whose enthusiasm and passion drive the excitement of Dunk Ball. By attending games, sharing content on social media, and spreading the word about the league, fans can help elevate the profile of Dunk Ball and support the growth of this innovative sport.

Join the Movement

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a new challenge or a fan eager for fast-paced and high-energy games, the DB Jam League welcomes you to join the movement. Follow their journey on social media (@DBJAMLEAGUE) for live updates, tour dates, and opportunities to be part of this groundbreaking basketball league. Or shoot us an email at tyler@dbjamleague.com.

Together, we can help turn this Utah phenomenon into a national sensation. Join Ty Bush, Danny Magallanes, and the DB Jam League Family in elevating the game of basketball and making Dunk Ball accessible to all.