Who We are

what our mission is

We want to bring people together through the game of basketball, plain and simple. We want to cultivate a community of fans for a version of the game that has never been seen before at this scale.

We love basketball. That is why we started DB Jam League. We seek to bring more attention to the game through low-rim play.

We want to spread to a national and international level and help millions of people enjoy basketball like maybe they never could on a regulation-size hoop.

We lower the hoops to 8.5ft and then we play basketball. We intend to give the game a street ball feel while keeping it competitive.

our story

We had the idea for and started DB Jam League in March 2023 in Provo, Utah. In a year following the formation of this brand, we would have 14 local tournaments and work to build a name for ourselves locally.

Along the way we worked on building our brand awareness on a national level using social media to spread the epidemic of “low-rim” basketball.

In a city with 80,000 college students between two massive universities, we were able to grow very quickly, with hundreds of college students signing up to play dunk ball.

“Who doesn’t want to play a version of basketball where they can dunk more?”

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