july 12th – august 5th 2024

Getting people off the couch and

onto the court playing basketball


tour 2024

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what is the db jam league tour?

what are these videos?

These videos show us talking transparently about how we are making this tour happen.

They also will show you some of the many personalities and people behind the scenes.





cities on tour 2024

denver, colorado

Saturday, july 13th 5pm-10pm

kansas city, missouri

monday, july 15th 5pm-10pm

chicago, illinois

tuesday, july 16th 5pm-10pm

cleveland, ohio

wednesday, july 17th 5pm-10pm

New york city, new york

thursday, july 18th 5pm-10pm

philadelphia, pennsylvania

friday, july 19th 5pm-10pm

raleigh, north carolina

saturday, july 20th 5pm-10pm

orlando, florida

tuesday, july 23rd 5pm-10pm

atlanta, georgia

thursday, july 25th 5pm-10pm

nashville, tennessee

friday, july 26th 5pm-10pm

houston, texas

monday, july 29th 5pm-10pm

dallas, texas

tuesday, july 30th 5pm-10pm

phoenix, arizona

thursday, august 1st 5pm-10pm

los angeles, california

saturday, august 3rd 5pm-10pm

las vegas, nevada

monday, august 5th 5pm-10pm